Emilio Echevarria, M. D.

Dr. Echevarria shares his experience with Dr. Mastandrea in his own words:

When my PSA doubled, I consulted Dr. Mastandrea. He did a prostatic biopsy which confirmed prostatic carcinoma.

Since I was almost 80 years old, I was not sure which treatment was right for me. I researched the different options available and decided to have robotic surgery.

The procedure was done on February 11, 2011 and I was discharged the next day. No transfusions were required and no pain meds were given. After the catheter was removed 2 weeks later, I had the expected leakage which stopped about 4-5 weeks later.

I might add that I never required any pain meds at home. There was occasional discomfort with coughing or sneezing, but not enough to take pain meds.

It is now 1½ years since my surgery and my PSA remains at .02 with no incontinence. I believe I made the right choice with Dr. Mastandrea.

Joe Gess

National/Majors Sales Manager, Tampa Tribune

Mr. Gess shares his experience with Dr. Mastandrea in his own words:

When I found out I had prostate cancer right before the Memorial Holiday in 2011, I immediately starting researching to decide what would be my next steps.

When I read about the Da Vinci method compared to the other options I started looking at who was the most qualified doctor in the Tampa Bay area. When I read about Dr. Frank Mastandrea's qualifications and heard from other people in the medical field I felt confident that he and his staff was going to help me through this. After my first consultation with Dr. Frank and his staff I knew I made the right choice. They gave me the assurance that I was going to get through this, but also explained to me what I would go through before and after surgery. He and his staff showed me guidance and compassion.

I went into surgery around 8am was back in my room around noon time and back home the next day.

It is a little more than a year after my surgery and I have fully recovered - I feel great!

Call Dr. Frank today it will be the best life-saving decision you'll ever make.

RV Brown
Former Professional Football Player
Evangelist, Outreach to America's Youth

Mr. Brown shares his experience with Dr. Mastandrea in his own words:

My name is RV Brown and I am one of Dr..Frank Mastandrea's patients.

When I found out that I had prostate cancer, my wife and I prayed and researched every option. God led us to Dr. Mastandrea. He came highly recommended. He has a very gentle spirit and he is very professional. As he explained the robotic procedure, my wife and I were at ease and confident in our spirit that we had found the right doctor to perform my surgery.

I feel great and have made excellent progress. If you have gotten the news about the big C, then Dr. Mastandrea is the man to see. I owe hiim a big thanks for putting  my mind at ease and for encouraging me as I go forward in life, one day at a time. Today I am the man God created me to be... a Dad and a Granddad.

Dr. Mastandrea, you are God's gift to those of us who need you at a very tough time in life. Thank you, Doc, for everything!!!

Brian Smithey
Tampa Firefighter & Paramedic

Mr. Smithey shares his experience with Dr. Mastandrea in his own words :

No one wants to hear the diagnosis of cancer especially when it is in reference to a loved one or yet ones own self. Initially I felt like it was the end of the world.

After seeking out recommendations for the best urologist several names continued to come up and Dr. Mastandrea was always mentioned. My Family and I met with Dr Masatandrea and it immediately became apparent that he was the surgeon for me.

I can’t say enough about the care I received at Dr. Mastandrea’s practice.

I was a person, an individual, not just a number or another patient being shuffled around. Dr Mastandrea really cared and took the time to explain things to myself and my family.  We learned that it wasn’t the end of the world, but rather just another hurdle in life. My surgery went exactly as planned and I couldn’t be happier with the the entire staff at Dr Mastandrea’s office. I recommend Dr. Mastandrea to anyone with any kind of urology issues.

Sgt. Ken Escobio
Hillsborough County Sherriff's Office

Sgt. Escobio shares his experience with Dr. Mastandrea in his own words:

Age 45 and I get the news, Prostate Cancer. This is not the news anyone would want to get, especially at my age. Due to an aggressive doctor, I was diagnosed early.

Then came the big decision, how to treat it?  Removing the cancer was paramount, but  I wanted to continue to live a fulfilled life without the complications of incontinence or impotence. Being in Law Enforcement also presented a challenge.  I needed to “get back on my feet and stay there” after surgery.

In 2003 there were only three (3) DaVinci Robots in Florida. Fortunately one was right here in Tampa at St. Joseph's Hospital. I was fortunate in that the only name associated with Robotic Prostate Surgery was Dr. Frank Mastandrea. He came highly recommended by several doctors.

I met him and within three weeks, I received the life saving  surgery I needed. From his excellent surgical techniques, patient interactions, and office staff, his office is my recommendation to anyone needing a Urologist.

It has been nine years since I received my surgery and I am cancer free and able to enjoy life to its fullest.

Rob Del Vecchio
Firefighter, Spring Hill Fire/Rescue

Mr. Del Vecchio shares his experience with Dr. Mastandrea in his own words:

“In July of 2006 at the age of 57, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I considered a number of treatment options, and finally chose the robotic laparoscopic. After positive recommendations from my urologist and personal physician, I met Dr. Mastandrea and was impressed with his experience and his confidence in the procedure.

The day after my surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital on October 10, I was up and walking and I was released from the hospital after Dr. Mastandrea’s visit. A couple days later, I was no longer taking pain medication and I was feeling good. And three weeks later, I began doing some light physical workouts and jogging up to three miles a day.

One month after surgery, I returned to my job as a Firefighter, and shortly after that, my strength level was almost back to where it was before surgery, my cardiovascular level had increased, my continency was 100% and my potency kept improving.

I cannot say enough about how pleased I am over the outcome of the surgery, the recovery and the care afforded me by Dr. Mastandrea and his staff.”

Craig Ramsay

Former Associate Coach, Tampa Bay Lightning

Selke Award winner and former Buffalo Sabres star Craig Ramsay is shown here with wife Susan.

“From the moment I met Dr. Mastandrea, I knew I was in good hands. He thoroughly explained the procedure, and made me feel very comfortable with my decision for robotic-assisted surgery. He was very professional, but also made me feel like he cared about me as a person.

I was amazed at how quickly I was able to return to normal activities, with much less discomfort than I anticipated. I was up walking the first night and home the next day. It was uplifiting to be able to walk around the neighborhood and feel great. Two days after surgery I was looking forward to getting back on the ice and behind the bench for our games. I thank Dr. Mastandrea and his staff for giving me many more healthy years with my family.”

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